DnnBro CommonTools
The DnnBro CommonTools module is the first module that must be installed since all other DnnBro modules depends on it.

It is not sold separately as it does not have any user functions. It is thus only relevant in combination with other DnnBro modules and will be included in the package when you purchase a DnnBro module in the Dnn Store.

The module centralizes handling of license keys for other DnnBro modules.

Centralize Licensehandling The CommonTools module centralizes the license handling, giving the user an easy view of license status of all DnnBro modules
Online & Offline License activation can be performed both online directly in the settings of the module - or offline by importing a license key obtained here at dnnbro.com
Remove License If the module is installed in a site with access to the internet it is possible to remove a module license thus freeing the license to be used in another installation.

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