DnnBro QRScanner
The DnnBro QRScanner module can be used for many different purposes when the need for scanning a QR code and updating an internal or external database is required.

The module supports both internal and external SQL connections – you can choose to use the built-in SQL table for storing the scanned QR codes – or you can define your own INSERT or UPDATE statement to be executed. If you prefer a stored procedure can be used instead of plain SQL text.

The camera in the end users computer or mobile device is used for scanning. If the user have several cameras installed a switch button is shown allowing the user to switch between cameras.

A fullscreen option is available, giving the user the ability to use the entire screen when capturing. The list of recently scanned QR codes can be displayed under the scan window. The list will not be visible in fullscreen mode.

Most of the settings can be disabled from the settings menu – if you do not want to provide the user with the full set of features.

Try out the demos - see links below or install the fully functional trial before purchase to ensure the module will in your environment.

The module comes with two standard skins - the DnnBro blue skin and a grey skin. If the module should adapt to your specific color scheme a custom skin can be chosen - and you can define the colors of the module (see guide for details).

To purchase or download a trial version please refer to the Dnn Store

LicenseHandler The trial is fully functional for 14 days after activation. If a standard license is purchased and added to your DNN installation there is no need for reconfiguration or reinstall - the code base is the same.

A license is for a DNN implementation - you are not restricted to a particular server. That means your licence will remain valid as you deploy your DNN instance to Production, Staging and Development environments which makes it easy for you to maintain your site. This only applies to cloned environments though, a new installation will require a new license.

HTTPS/SSL Required
Please be advised that this module will only work in a secure enviroment, e.g. your site needs to be protected by an SSL certificate and use https!

This is because the WebRTC API is used for communication with the camera and most modern browsers require a secure connection. Internet Explorer on PC is not supported according the the browser compatibility scheme at mozilla.org.

Auto Capture Once activated the module captures QR codes detected in the video stream from the end users camera. No need for interacting using keyboard or mouse - just hold the QR code in front of the camera and it will be saved.

If a mobile device is used it is even easier, since you can carry it around scanning QR codes as you move along.
Result list The last X number of scanned QR codes can be displayed under the scan window, which can be used to verify that a given code was scanned.
Todays scanned QR codes If the built-in database table is used for storage it is possible to add the module in view mode to see the scanned QR codes for today. The captured image will be shown along with the content of the QR code and information about capture time and the user capturing the QR code.
Skins The module comes with two standard skins - the DnnBro blue skin and a grey skin. If the module should adapt to your specific color scheme a custom skin can be chosen - and you can define the colors of the module (see guide for details).
Header Define your own header which is shown when capturing QR codes.
Stored image size Input the desired width of the stored image - the height will be calculated automatically.

The captured is scaled to the desired size on the fly before being saved in the database. This is only relevant when using the ‘DnnBro Database Table’ storage option.
Fullscreen option Enable this to allow the user to go in fullscreen mode when capturing the QR code. Note that the results list is not shown in fullscreen mode.
Switch Camera Enable this to allow the user to switch between all installed cameras if more than one is available. If only one camera is available the button will not be shown.
JS Console debug option Enable this to show javascript debug.console output directly on screen. This can be very useful when trying to figure out why mobile devices work in mysterious ways and the F12 window is hard to activate.
Disable options in web.config If needed some of the available StorageTypes, ConnectionTypes and ExecutionTypes can be disabled. This could be a relevant scenario in a multisite environment where the database storage type is not desired – or if the individual site users are not allowed to use the built-in SQL connection.

To adjust which types are available the web.config file must be altered manually.

Blue Skin Demo of Blue Skin
Grey Skin Demo of Grey Skin
Custom Skin Demo of Custom Skin
Todays scanned QR codes Demo of display list

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